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The Amazing Amazon!

We just returned from spending our honeymoon at La Selva, and it was nothing short of amazing. The journey from Quito to the lodge is definitely an adventure, but we really felt like it added to the specialness of the experience, the paddle canoe ride from the dock in the jungle out into the lagoon where you fist spot the lodge was simply stunning. The lodge itself is wonderful, newly remodeled and extremely comfortable. We stayed in one the the superior suites on the lake and enjoyed the open screened walls and doors, it was incredible to be immersed in the jungle. Our naturalist guide Marco and native guide Omar were both outstanding! Please understand before you come here that no matter how wonderful the guides there is no guarantee that you will be able to see all of the wildlife that you are hoping to, this is the jungle people, and you are dealing with real, wild animals here. That being said we were extremely blessed to see a ton of wildlife in our 5 days at La Selva, the first evening alone our guides helped us spot squirrel monkeys, long nosed bats, and coolest of all a Harpy Eagle at the top of a tree along the lakes shore. We saw innumerable types of birds, 4 types of monkeys (the red howlers are my personal favorite), lizards, frogs, and as you would expect in the jungle bugs. Although I will say that they do a great job of keeping the bugs out if the rooms as much as possible. The food was remarkable, 5 courses for dinner every night, and the fresh fruit juices were so delicious. The bartender also makes great cocktails. As a part of our honeymoon package we were treated to some extras which were lovely, a dockside dinner and breakfast on the lake, a massage in the butterfly house, and our favorite a sunset lagoon cruise in a indigenously canoe. We were incredibly sad to leave La Selva, not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear or two on the canoe ride out. Can't wait to return again! If you love adventure, wildlife, and the outdoors this is the spot for you.

We also went on a couple of tours while we wee in Quito, we did the Colonial Quito tour and toured to the Telerifico cable car and the Solar Museum at the Equator with a great local guide Ivan (vizcainoivan on reipadvisor). He was incredibly knowledgable about the past and present of the city, as well as just fun to be with. He had very interesting stories and facts about all of the locations we visited, and was very willing to answer any additional questions that we had about the city our just Ecuador in general.

BethO19. Portland, Oregon

I can't say enough positive things about my experience at La Selva. The location is amazing, the accommodations were rustic, but comfortable, and the services were fantastic. Yes, the huts are simple - no electricity or water at night, and the bugs can get in, but it is the jungle and if you were protected from it, you wouldn't be getting the real experience. The staff is amazing, from the guides to the chefs, housekeepers, bartenders, etc. I am a vegetarian and they made me special meals at every opportunity. The jungle activities were fantastic. It is an amazing experience."

drnorth Vancouver, Canada

I had a choice of a number of lodges in the Amazon near Coca. I chose La Selva because of their customer support, quick response, desire for my business and ultimately they met or exceeded my expectation. They did everything right and the food was better than I expected. The cabins are Rustic and could be updated a bit however, everything else was done right and our guide Paul was very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable and he listened to our requests and accommodated us the best that he could."

trek4cs, Toronto

 Going to La Selva was an experience that we will not forget. It was our hope to experience a "deep" jungle environment in the heart of Amazonia. We were able to do so and found it to be even better than we expected and hoped it to be.

Being met in the Quito airport by Julie was a very comfortable way to start the journey. Being the only English speakers in the group at that time, Julie was very much concerned about us and made sure to explain everything to us in perfect English. We knew right away that we were dealing with a quality operation with the way we were treated at the airport. By the way, the flight over the Andes was spectacular."

ruvs, Los Gatos, CA

I went here with a group of 7 friends last spring and have to say it was the most amazing place I've ever been in my whole life. I'm writing this review because I was just reminiscing with my companions how about how magical the whole experience was. Amazing amenities, unbelievable staff, possible the most talented wildlife trackers in the world, all of which are sited in the most stunning site in the amazon. We spent 2 nights in the main lodge and then camped deeper into the jungle to stay in tents for 5 nights. It was an extra expense but definitely worth it. The lodge sent team members into the woods the night before we went out to prepare the tents for us. Then the next morning we hiked for a few hours and took a canoe to the site. Even out in the middle of nowhere, the amenities were surprisingly great."

kevinlkl, Los Angeles, California

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