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About Us

La Selva Amazon Ecolodge has 32 dedicated staff members divided between our lodge and Quito office. Many have been working at the lodge for years, some even born and raised in the area.

We work closely with the local community and offer both training and work to the young men and women who live here.

Business Policy for La Selva Amazon Eco-Lodge & Spa / Haugan Cruises

We are a tour operator and hotel company that offers unique experiences, promoting a proper relationship with the natural and social environment. We differentiate ourselves with our responsable management on our products with the environment and the community; offering a high-quality service by trained motivated staff.

"La Selva Amazon Ecolodge & Spa observes total respect for all human rights and especially those of children and adolescents, carefully observing that their rights are not violated throughout the commercialization and marketing processes involved in the supply chain of the operation and execution of the La Selva's operations. La Selva declares a NO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to disrespecting the rights of children and adolescents, emphasizing to make all the efforts within their reach to protect children and adolescents against sexual exploitation and abuse. This is achieved by thorough training of all personnel and staff, disseminating its policy of zero tolerance at all levels, control and monitoring within all La Selva operations."

Corporate Responsibility

Our company believes in just and fair treatment to contributors, a fair payment to suppliers according to established times and negotiations and eco-minded environmental practices with respect for social diversity.


Our mission is to offer our customers luxury products of excellent quality, services and social and environmental responsibility, while achieving a high level of satisfaction with their experiences that allow them to be the best communicators and allies in promoting our products.


By 2020 we see ourselves as the leading Ecuadorian company selling luxury products in the market of inbound tourism through optimal environmental and social management that will allow profitability and generation of local employment.

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