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Before you Travel to Ecuador:
Tips & advice

Documentation: A passport with validity of at least 6 months is required for travel to Ecuador and the Amazon Jungle. Most tourists are allowed to stay up 90 days. Please check with the Ecuadorian consulate or embassy in your country to see if you need a visa to enter Ecuador.

Arriving in Ecuador: On your flight to Ecuador you will fill out a T3 Tourist Information Card that will be turned in, together with your passport, to the immigration officer upon arrival at the Passport Control area. Have your flight tickets ready if they ask for them. If asked about the purpose of the trip, simply tell the officials that you are on vacation. A copy of the T3 form will be returned to you along with your passport. Please keep it in a safe place since you will be required to turn it in when you leave the country. You will then proceed to the baggage claim area to claim your checked luggage and clear customs. Your bags will usually be inspected. After leaving customs, you will be met by a tour representative for an airport transfer to your hotel.

Safety and Security: It is recommended that you make two photocopies of your passport ID page, airline ticket, tour documents, and airline itinerary. Leave one at home with friends or relatives and take the other copy with you, keeping the copies separate from the originals. While you travel in Ecuador always carry your passport with you since it is a legal requirement and you could be asked for it at any time. You will also need it when changing money or paying with credit cards. Always keep a watchful eye over your belongings and never leave your belongings unattended.

Money: The local currency is US dollars. MasterCard is widely accepted in Ecuador, VISA is also widely accepted in Quito. Please note that there is a 10% service charge on all credit card payments within Ecuador. Bank hours in Quito are Monday to Friday 9h00am - 16h00pm. There are several money exchange businesses in Quito. Take in consideration that traveller's checks are NOT accepted in most and you might find it difficult to exchange them.

Telephone Service: Depending on where you are in the Amazon Jungle you will have cellular communication, mostly in the main cities. Some Amazon Lodges have satellite phones and/or internet service for emergency use. To make a call once you have arrived on the Ecuadorian mainland, it is recommended to use calling cards or go to an internet cafe, since calls made from your hotel can be very expensive. In Quito there are many Internet cafes with cheap email and net-phone service.

Electricity: 110 Volts.

Language: In Ecuador the main language is Spanish. In the main tourist attractions people often speak some English.

Food and water: Please be careful about eating uncooked food, including vegetables and peeled fruit. It is better to drink bottled water or desalinated water. Almost all the restaurants are careful about using clean or bottled water and recognizing good sanitation but it is better to avoid any health problems by being prepared. All the services we offer are perfectly selected and follow all sanitary details.

Reconfirmation of international flights: It is extremely important to re-confirm your international flights. If you will be staying in Quito after your Amazon tour, make sure to reconfirm. Let us know if you will catch your international flight immediately after returning from the Amazon Jungle so we can reconfirm your flight for you.

Luggage: There is a luggage allowance of 20 kilos (one piece of luggage) and 1 small carry-on on flights to and from the Amazon Jungle. Any additional piece can be left at your hotel in Quito. TAME charges approximately US$2 for each extra kilo but will be sent only if the airline permits it. Please note that TAME flights do not always have overhead compartments and the carry-ons should fit under the seat.

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