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La Selva in the Press, Certifications, and Ecotourism Awards

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Travel + LeisureTravel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2014 Edition

July 29, 2014

La Selva was highlighted in Travel + Leisure Deals section in both the printed magazine and on the website. The piece touched on La Selva’s neighboring Napo parrot salt lick and privileged birding location.

Luxury Latin Reviews La Selva

June 16, 2014 - By Timothy Scott

Arriving at La Selva Amazon EcoLodge in Ecuador:

La Selva in Fodor's: World's Top 15 Spas With A View

May 21, 2014

La Selva Jungle Lodge received kudos from when it was selected as one of the "World's Top 15 Spas With A View"! The article highlighted some of the aspects that make the entire La Selva experience unique such as open air (screened) rooms and the spectacular wildlife just outside of the lodge.


Tele Magazin - La Selva Amazon Lodge

Monkeys, macaws, anacondas

Jan, 2014 - Miriam Zollinger on TELE Magazin

"...While freshly squeezed mango juice is served to us on the terrace of the wonderful lodge, we ponder what we have seen: diversity, how perfectly the animals are camouflaged... Then excited voices interrupt our enthusiasm. A waiter has caught a young snake who has lost his way in the kitchen. She is thin as a shoelace. We still do not know that tomorrow we will see a distant relative up close: an anaconda.

Enrique (Naturalist Guide), spots the brown shape from a distance. As we approach it with the canoe, we realize there is a huge anaconda which dozes on a branch above the river. As they may crush you, and not out of love, we pass her closely watching it sleep. "Shamans say that he who sees that animal on his dreams is to play the lottery the next day", says Marco (Native Guide). A constrictors dream for money? No thanks, we rather not!...". Read more (in German).

Jan 30th, 2014 - La Selva in the San Francisco Chronicle's International Travel supplement:

La Selva in the San Francisco Chronicle

La Selva in the San Francisco Chronicle

La Selva Highlighted by the Detroit Free Press

Ellen Creiger, journalist from the Detroit Free Press visited La Selva Lodge for her story title "Amazing Amazon: Ecuador's remote ecolodges put the lush, tropical woodland right outside"

She revels: "The sounds are a symphony, an orchestra, a hallelujah chorus of nature. The forest is a primeval tangle of canopy and undergrowth. Within the first two hours I'm here, I see monkeys, two kinds of toucan, a falcon and songbirds galore.

And one day in the late afternoon, there's a strange hooting bird call in the trees. "It's a motmot," says naturalist Daniel King, as if describing a sparrow or pigeon, no big deal. The call of the motmot is the coolest thing. So is catching a piranha. So is seeing the grand and lush South American Amazon for yourself."

Read more here.

La Selva Covered by The Independent UK

Journalist Ben Westwood visited La Selva while he was writing the article "Ecuador: What lies beneath the jungle" about the Yasuni National Park, its natural marvels and the proposed oil exploitation to occour in our beloved park.

He says of La Selva "I was staying at La Selva Jungle Lodge, with a dramatic location on Lake Garzacocha. Even more dramatic was the organised jungle walk we took that night."

"The next day we crossed the Napo river into YasuníNational Park... But even the fringes are a wildlife watcher's dream, with more than 500 species of birds sighted near the lodge. The first clay licks were on the riverbank where dozens of blue-headed, yellow-crowned and mealy Amazon parrots congregated to eat the clay which neutralizes toxins from seeds that make up the bulk of their diet.

As we hiked through the hills of Yasuní, our guide mixed old traditions with new by at first imitating bird songs himself and then producing an iPod with recorded sounds to tempt species closer. Equipped with a copy of The Birds Of Ecuador by Robert Ridgely and Paul Greenfield, we ticked off the buff-throated woodcreeper, black-faced antbird, rusty-belted tapaculo, red-throated caracara and red-necked woodpecker.

The next day I took the view from above the forest canopy on the lodge's 45-metre observation tower, which was built around a kapok tree. The birdwatching was spectacular, in particular a couple of amorous Amazon parrots, but the highlight was a rare glimpse of howler monkeys. After hearing the roar of the loudest land animals in the world, my guide located a solitary male on a distant branch."

Read the full story here

Awards & Recognitions:

La Selva Amazon Ecolodge has achieved several green certifications for our work with the environment, including recognition from the International Ecotourism Society, and Sustainable Tourism Certification from the Rainforest Alliance.

La Selva Rainforest Alliance Certification

Additionally, the lodge has won the Ecotourism Award, in a worldwide competition from the Ecoclub located in Athens, Greece in 2007 and in 2008.

La Selva Amazon Lodge & Spa - Awards Green Vacation Hub Best Green Hotels Adventure Travel Association Member

Other awards include The Ecotourism Award received at the World Congress on Tourism and the Environment, held in Belize.

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