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Meet La Selva Jungle Lodge's Staff

Byron Licuy

Gabriela Tito

Hotel Manager

Gabriela has always been involved with tourism since her mother worked as a tourist operator. Her biggest inspiration was when she would visit the Galapagos Islands at a young age, where she eventually began working for 5 years gaining experience on many boats and in many hotels. Gabriela always has something special waiting for her guests at La Selva, knowing that it’s the small details and luxury experiences that they will never forget, making their experience that much more special. Considering that La Selva is another piece of heaven on Earth, Gabriela is also a lover of nature and defender of the environment and the animals that cannot live anywhere else, endemic to the area surrounding La Selva Jungle Lodge. 

Byron Licuy

Lissett Morante

Masseuse Specialist

Always with a smile on her face, Lissett is La Selva's masseuse. Despite her young age, she has skillfull hands and many years of experience having worked at other hotels nationwide. Aside from offering all kinds of different massages at La Selva at our new spa facility. Lissett is very dear to all her companions and helps where help is needed. The jungle is very dear to her, she believes it holds a mixture of energies that help to maintain life's balance and projects this in her massages.

Byron Licuy

Marcelino Villarruel

Operations and Logistics Assistant

After finishing his studies in the University, Marcelino had the opportunity to begin working with La Selva back in 1991, beginning simply as the security guard for about 6 months. Later Marcelino worked his way up as Staff Manager where he could learn more about the operational and logistical movements of the touristic activities done at the lodge with guests. The things that he learned here gave him the opportunity to continue moving up in La Selva taking the Operations Manager position at the Coca Airport where the lodge needed his skills where passengers were arriving. Marcelino stayed in this position for 8 months and was able to enhance his skills even further and was asked to be La Selva's second Logistics and Operations Manager. Marcelino has been a part of La Selva for an amazing 25 years, sacrificing his time for the lodge so that there are no negative affects on the forest and so that La Selva can continue to grow and succeed.

Byron Licuy

Miguel Esparza

Operations and Logistics

Miguel has worked at La Selva for 6 years, but in the general location of the lodge he has over 29 years of experience performing logistical, administrative, and personnel supervision and maintenance tasks. He is an important member of La Selva's team as he is a specialist in emergency snakebite response, wilderness survival, and he is one of the most important links between the lodge and surrounding communities in the area. Miguel is very proud of his work at the lodge. He is always seeking to conserve the forest in the best way possible and has made it his life's passion to protect La Selva. He does this by doing his absolute best to keep all areas of the lodge operating as normal and of course protecting the flora and fauna of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Byron Licuy

Julia Hualinga


Julia is a 26 year old local native who works in housekeeping at La Selva. On the surface it may seem like her role is to fix up the beds and clean the rooms each morning and in the evening, but if you look closer, you’ll see just how important her responsibility really is. The image that she projects to our clients is one of the first our guests will witness as they are welcomed into their clean, organized and specially detailed accommodations. Thanks to Julia, our guests have a wonderful first impression. In her free time, Julia is quite the athlete playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer with her fellow colleagues at La Selva and sometimes plays at a competitive level.

Byron Licuy

Byron Licuy

La Selva’s Staff Cook

Entering his thirties, Byron seems quiet but he is very intelligent and has a long history working at La Selva. Byron used to work in the butterfly farm when he was young. Then he went on to study what he really loved, cooking. Later in 2012 he returned to support the lodge he grew to love and was given the very important role of preparing all meals for staff and employees, hence the name chef for La Selva’s staff. Byron loves working at La Selva because this was the same place that opened its doors for him at such a young age and where he has created many happy memories. La Selva is like his family and he enjoys passing each day at the hotel.

Byron Licuy

José Ortiz

La Selva Staff Cook

A big guy with a big heart, Jose Ortiz is the staff chef who takes care of feeding La Selva's personnel. José has great strength and is skilled in using chainsaws and other equipment, making him great to have around for big jobs at the lodge. He always has stories that captivate the staffs attention and having grown up in the Amazon makes him a valuable member of the native community with the amount of ancestral knowledge he has. He says that La Selva has taught him to appreciate his friends, his co-workers, and that being able to work and get to know people from other countries has helped him learn about the diverse cultures from around the world.

La Selva Staff

Bernardo Hualinga

Native Bird Guide

Celia Licuy


Bernardo Andi


Glenda Condo


Marcia Condo


Teodoro Chimbo


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