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La Selva Yoga Retreats

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Life is a chain of experiences and at La Selva we offer something completely new and different.

Inspired by the natural beauty and enchantment of the Ecuadorian Amazon, prepare to pamper yourself in our new and innovative Spa.

Our Yoga and Spa sessions always begin physically with the body and then move on to unite the relaxing and meditative practices to bring a sense of calm and peace to our guests lasting anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half.

Yoga is a practice created with the objective to unite the body as one with the surrounding universe. Feel at peace with your inner self and feel as one with the nature around you by practicing the following types of yoga available at La Selva:


This type of yoga trains the body to raise total awareness and to become the center of its consciousness and to confide in others and the world through a series of poses which allow the human body to act as a vessel which is required to be strong and keep negativity at bay.

Hatha yoga

The practice of controlling the physical body and mind with meditated breathing exercises and certain postures representing living things such as animals, plants and of course man.


Meaning life force or of vital energy, this is a type of discipline where one practices their breathing to connect the body and the mind as one.  Since the body and the mind are completely separated, this type of yoga connects the two, becoming one in harmony.


Other than the three types of yoga mentioned above, many other forms of meditation may be practiced in order to train the mind or induce a specific mode of consciousness for benefit of the practice.

Tome en cuenta: Estos servicios están disponibles bajo pedido con un costo adicional.
Los itinerarios pueden variar ligeramente para maximizar los avistamientos de vida silvestre dependiendo de los reportes de nuestros guías naturalistas, sus intereses particulares y las condiciones climáticas.

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