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Masajes en La Selva

Inspirado por la belleza natural y la esencia de la Amazonía, mímese con nuestros tratamientos artesanales innovadores y tradicionales proporcionados por nuestro terapeuta.

Usted es libre de adaptar el masaje de nuestro menú con muchas opciones diferentes, tales como:

SPA Precios 2018
Servicios Duración Precio
Complete Relaxing Massage 60 min. $80
Reflexology 30 min. $55
Back and Shoulders Massage 30 min. $40
Hand and Foot Massage: Includes Manicure and Pedicure 60 min. $75
Leg and Calf Massage 30 min. $40
Facial Massage 30 min. $40
Exfoliation 60 min. $80
Natural Yucca Mask (Cassava) 45 min. $40
Energizing Bath with Copal Tree Leaves 60 min. $90
Silk Bath 75 min. $95
Amazonian Bath 60 min. $90
Hot Stone Massage 60 min. $90
Children's Massage 40 min. $50

*Estos precios incluyen impuestos

 Al igual que el paraíso amazónico, nos damos cuenta de que cada huésped que visita La Selva es muy especial. Queremos ofrecer tratamientos adaptados especialmente a sus necesidades y deseos. Nuestros masajes están diseñados para restaurar la vitalidad, la salud y el bienestar. Estos tratamientos también activan los reflejos que ayudan a mejorar la circulación e impulsan el bienestar, de modo que usted, nuestro invitado excepcional puede salir revitalizado y fresco de uno de nuestros masajes.

Complete Massage

Picture yourself, if you can, surrounded by vibrant vegetation, exotic birds singing a beautiful tune and a warm ambiance surrounding you as you lay relaxed while an experienced massage therapist helps to release all tension from your body. It is a mental, as well as physical reward that you must experience. La Selva Amazon Eco-Lodge & Spa opens its doors to you and invites you to make this a reality. At our eco-lodge you have the opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy the peaceful settings while you are pampered from head to toe and well taken care of by our team. Always eager to please, we make ourselves available to cater to your every whim. The Complete Massage includes a full-body massage with natural products such as scented oils and lotions that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for your next adventure. We encourage you to be part of a once in a lifetime, relaxing experience at La Selva Lodge.


Reflexology, or zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, or hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. At La Selva Amazon Eco-Lodge & Spa, we believe in the wisdom of nature, so it is only logical for us to apply such techniques and include them in our repertoire of all things needed to help you relax. Our expert team is able to pin-point stress accumulated zones and skillfully release all tension using this technique as you sit back and enjoy the enchanting Amazonian view. Just leave yourself in our trained hands and we will do our best to help you get rid of all stress, leaving you feeling brand new and ready for whatever is coming your way next.

Back + Shoulders

The most common stress areas, the back and shoulders, need special attention and we are here to render that attention to you at La Selva Amazon Eco-Lodge & Spa. We welcome you to be a part of this relaxing experience that is sure to leave you feeling revitalized after a fun day of adventuring. Sit back and enjoy the ever mesmerizing view of the Amazonian forest surrounding the lodge while a massage therapist takes care of your back and shoulders skillfully relieving the stress from these affected areas. Let the gentle heat and the beautiful tune of exotic birds relax your mind. We guarantee to leave you physically and mentally refreshed.

Hands + Feet

Two of the most over worked areas in the body, the hands and feet, require special attention. At La Selva Lodge we have prepared a satisfying massage concentrating on these main parts of the body. After a wonderful day of trekking around the Amazonian forest, reward yourself and your feet with a massage and you will be sure to wake the next morning ready for the next journey. As for your hands, what better way to treat them than a refreshing massage from one of our experienced massage therapists? If you’re ready to sit back, relax, and put your feet up then this is the place for you. La Selva Amazon Eco-Lodge & Spa welcomes you.

Legs + Calves

After an invigorating day of trekking through the Amazon forest it is only fair for you to give your legs and calves a reward. Why not treat your legs and calves with a vitalizing massage? At La Selva Amazon Eco-Lodge & Spa, we have prepared a team of dedicated massage therapists that will make sure you walk out feeling relaxed and ready for your next adventure. All you have to do is sit back, put your feet up and enjoy your surroundings while one of our massage therapists pampers you.


It takes on the sun, wind, rain and anything that comes its way, so naturally your face requires the upmost attention. We know how delicate the face is and so we have dedicated this program to pamper and rejuvenate your skin so you can face your next adventure head on! With special organic oils and lotions designed to match your skin’s needs you’ll be sure to enjoy this amazing massage. La Selva Lodge invites you to be a part of this great experience.


In addition to our special facial, we also offer you an invigorating exfoliation process that leaves your pores feeling brand new. Using all natural products, this massage will clear your skin, open your pores and help reduce any blemishes. Gentle but skilled in their craft, our massage therapists are here to listen to your concerns and cater to any of your needs. Just say the word and our experts here at La Selva Lodge will be right there to take care of you.

Tome en cuenta: Estos servicios están disponibles bajo pedido con un costo adicional.
Los itinerarios pueden variar ligeramente para maximizar los avistamientos de vida silvestre dependiendo de los reportes de nuestros guías naturalistas, sus intereses particulares y las condiciones climáticas.

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