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Remember that all excursions and times on this sample

3-night Amazon tour itinerary are subject to change and largely depend on weather, season, group limitations, group interests, and guide decisions based on passenger safety and organized operations.

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day 1

At the Quito International Airport, you will be met by one of our La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat representatives in the National Departure area. Where they will assist you with the check-in process and give you a short briefing about the journey.

After a 30-minute commercial flight to Puerto Francisco de Orellana “El Coca”, our representative take you to our office located along the Napo River pier in a private vehicle.

The next two hours will be spent in a motorized canoe heading down river on what will be the beginning of an unforgettable experience in the Amazon rainforest. We will provide you a box lunch and extra drinks for this part of the trip.

At the end of the motorized canoe ride, you will be dropped off at La Selva’s main dock where the final leg of the trip to the lodge will be completed in a paddle canoe. The only thing you must take care of during this part of the trip is your carry-on and camera equipment, all other luggage will be transported by La Selva staff.

The manager will be waiting to greet you with a refreshing beverage, snacks and a short briefing about your stay at La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat.

Intro to the Rainforest

After some rest and time to unpack, one of the Naturalist Guides will give you some basic information about the tropical rainforest, the Amazon, and how La Selva operates.

The idea is to begin your activities armed with general knowledge of the amazing place you have just arrived to.

Matapalo Charapa Trail

This trail was given the Spanish name of the famous Strangler fig (Ficus sp), one of many remarkable trees that you can find on this short walk.

Mahogany trees over 400 years old can be seen, and your guides will share their knowledge of the flora and fauna seen along the trail with you.

Due to the time of day, there is soft natural light shining through the canopy, and diurnal and nocturnal animals are beginning their daily transitional activities.

Night Canoe Ride
Garza Cocha lagoon is a great place to search for caimans, bats, owls, and night mammals with the help of a spotlight the guides will use. There are also great opportunities for stargazing if the night sky is clear!

At the bar, you can find snacks and order cocktails from the bartender. There is also a non-alcoholic beverage station where you can help yourself to limitless tea and coffee!


Find your seat and get comfortable while our waiters serve you each course.

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Day two

Full day of activities

Wake Up Call

Observation Tower & Mandi Cocha

After a 15 minutes’ walk, the observation tower comes into sight,. soaring an impressive 120 ft above the forest floor. Your Naturalist and Native guides, with the help of a sighting scope, will show to you colorful birds enjoying the canopy and maybe even certain primates. After another 30- minute walk from the tower, we reach Mandi Cocha.

This small lake different vegetation and landscapes displaying the beauty of the flooded forest. With a little bit of luck, our guests might spot the famous giant otters that make their home nearby. This endangered species is difficult to find, but during this visit there’s a chance we might see them!

Garza Cocha Lake

This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This is one of several opportunitiesto spot several different species of monkeys and birds. Sometimes, huge groups of squirrel monkeys join families of capuchin monkeys to look for food. Howler monkeys also like to spend the late afternoon around the lake.

The hoatzin, a large unique bird found only in pristine Amazon environments, is very easy to spot.

Night Walk

All you need is a flashlight and your camera to see the jungle come alive at night. Amphibians, insects, reptiles, birds, and nocturnal mammals may be seen wherever your guides take you.


woman observing through a telescope in the jungle

Day three

Full day of activities

Wake up call

Parrot Clay Lick and Pilchi Community

After an early breakfast, you will make your way back to the Napo River and take a motorized canoe ride to the clay lick, one of the most fascinating displays of the wild world. Hundreds of parrots and parakeets gather here to eat the mineral rich soil, an important part of their diet. Binoculars are essential to really capture the moment.
At the indigenous community of Pilchi you will learn about how the first nations of the Amazon lived dating back thousands of years, including how they dress, what they eat, how they cook, and the many ways they use what the forest provides in their daily lives. A truly unique, fascinating, and fun experience!.
Don’t be shy to ask them questions, and be brave to try some of the traditional drinks and food! they love to share their ancestral knowledge and spread awareness about their culture and where they live.

Coto Trail

This is a fantastic walk that goes from the lodge to the edge of the Garza Cocha Lake. In the afternoon, the soft rays of sunlight make this walk an amazing experience and the perfect opportunity to enjoy of the beauty of this amazing forest.

Your guide will point out and explain all of the fascinating creatures that you come across, and our native guide will show you some of the medicinal plants that they have for thousands of years. A canoe ride back to the lodge will provide you with the opportunity to see Caymans, bats, and other nocturnal wildlife in and around the lake, giving this activity a fantastic ending!.

Departure Briefing

Our manager will provide you all the necessary information about your departure procedure for the next morning and our bartender is going to offer you a delicious farewell cocktail.


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Day four

Departure day

Wake Up Call

Departure to Coca according to your briefing the night before, you will have an early wake up call, breakfast and departure from the lodge.
The lodge staff will assist you with your checked luggage, and the motorized canoe ride will head upstream back to Coca, where our representatives will take you to the La Selva office to use the restrooms there.

After a short break, they will take you to the airport and help you with your boarding passes and checked luggage.

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Be sure to check out our special promotions for Amazon rainforest tours, as well as the option to combine your journey to our Amazon ecolodge with a cruise to view the fabled wildlife of the Galapagos Islands or a chance to discover the wonders of Peru.

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