• No air conditioners

    Amazon Rainforest

    To protect the life of the Rainforest, the wood that is used is acquired from the city of Coca. Due to the geography of where this wood is located, it is highly resistant and durable, making the use of this material rationed and sustainable.

  • Building materials

    Botanical Garden

    In 2020, our goal is to create an organic fruit and vegetable garden, which can be run by a local community and use these natural and organic materials in our selected cuisine

  • Waste water system

    Fossil Fuel Reduction

    Our goal is to make our lodge a nearly fossil fuel free environment. We are working to reduce energy consumption in La Selva by changing old equipment, using LED energy and raising awareness among our staff and guests about the importance of saving energy. Also, we will eliminate and replace our large generators with smaller and newer models with more efficient battery life and usage, which will be charged when passengers are away from the lodge during activities.

  • Local produce

    Renewable Energy

    In our attempts to leave a green footprint, we will soon begin installing solar panels to progressively eliminate the use of generators, eventually leading to a fossil fuel free environment.

  • Local Employment

    Wastewater System

    We are reducing the impact of used water by using a filtration and cleaning system before it returns to the environment.

  • JR. Naturalist Program

    Air Conditioning

    To save energy, we use a combination of fans and natural air that enters through open spaces to keep our guests cool.


  • No air conditioners

    We care in improving your welfare

    Since 2019, our guests have enjoyed the scheduled yoga and meditation classes during their stay. Working towards improving the quality of your experience, in 2020, we will have a newly refurbished area that will include experienced masseurs who will introduce innovative treatments at the already popular Spa.
    We care about your health and want to offer high quality standards in our gastronomy, which is why at the end of 2019 a healthier new menu based on local products was introduced. This year we will continue to work on expanding our menu and offer even more culinary options.

  • Building materials

    Closer to the Jungle

    To offer you an even more intimate experience with the Amazon Rainforest, in 2020 we will undergo changes to our infrastructure to create a more innovative and modern Safari style experience. We believe that our passengers deserve a more exclusive venue, therefore we will work to expand our facilities in order to enjoy an even more spectacular view from a larger suite.

  • Waste water system

    More Adventure!

    In 2020, you will be able to enjoy an even greater experience by making use of new and modern paddle boards and kayaks.