All about La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat

La Selva Amazon Eco-lodge & Retreat has 32 dedicated staff members divided between our lodge and Quito office. Many have been working at the lodge for years, some even born and raised in the area.

We work closely with the local community and offer both training and work to the young men and women who live here.

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committed to the natural and social habitat

Golden Galapagos is thrilled to announce that La Selva Lodge, Ecuador’s premium ecolodge in the pristine Amazon rainforest, will join our signature Golden Collection of luxury tourism products in the mega-biodiverse nation. La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat, located within the renowned Yasuni Biosphere Reserve on the edge of the National Park bearing the same name, will allow our select guests to enjoy two of the world’s most fascinating destinations on a single trip – the incredible Galapagos Islands and the fascinating Amazon rainforest.

Acquiring the La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat will allow Golden Galapagos to upscale its luxurious facilities and accommodations, adding its signature Golden Touch to the property, while upgrading the level of experience and customization offered to visitors. The entire experience will be taken to a totally new level, from top native guides taking guests into the depths of the untouched rainforest to spot incredibly rare wildlife to trying new exotic flavors produced by local organic ingredients.

Besides countless unforgettable adventures awaiting in the heart of the Amazon jungle, the La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat is a veritable source of regenerative travel where guests can nourish their minds and souls, connecting with their inner selves through its yoga, spa, and wellness facilities and treatments.

Community outreach is critically important to Golden Galapagos, and significant emphasis is placed on it at the La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat – guests can now visit the community directly and interact with community members as part of their customized tours. At Golden Galapagos, responsible and smart tourism is what we do, and our green footprint is evident in our Smart Development efforts, including the installation of solar panels and special eco-friendly batteries in the Lodge, enhancing our clean-energy practices in support of the delicate ecosystems and stunning environments that we operate in.

The Golden Travel Collection, consisting of our premium next-generation catamarans sailing the azure Galapagos waters and the La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat located in the heart of one of the planet’s most biodiverse regions, is writing a new chapter on luxury travel in the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

Please contact your Account Manager for more information about the Golden Travel Collection. The La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat is the perfect complement to a Galapagos cruise and mainland Ecuador tours!

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Our company believes in just and fair treatment to contributors, a fair payment to suppliers according to established times and negotiations and eco-minded environmental practices with respect for social diversity.



Our mission is to offer our customers luxury products of excellent quality, services and social and environmental responsibility, while achieving a high level of satisfaction with their experiences that allow them to be the best communicators and allies in promoting our products.



By 2025 we see ourselves as the leading Ecuadorian company selling luxury products in the market of inbound tourism through optimal environmental and social management that will allow profitability and generation of local employment