La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat is a paradise of natural beauty and cultural richness

When visitors enter this captivating destination, they encounter a fascinating world of wonders, ready to be explored. Here are some compelling reasons why La Selva Eco-Lodge should be your guests’ next travel destination:

Guided Exploration: Our dual guide system guarantees personalized attention and a deep dive into the mysteries of the rainforest. Guests have the opportunity to explore with both a naturalist and native guide, offering them information about local life and healing plants, as well as encounters with diverse wildlife.

Culinary delights: Enjoy a culinary journey at La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat, where our chefs skillfully combine local flavors with an international flair. From traditional Ecuadorian dishes to favorites from around the world, each meal is a celebration of flavor and culture.

Cultural immersion: Forge connections with indigenous communities through village visits and interactions with locals, gaining a deeper understanding of their way of life while contributing to the preservation of ancestral cultures.

 Wildlife Encounters: Explore the rainforest with our expert guides and observe unique species in their natural habitat. From vibrant birds to elusive jungle primates, each wildlife encounter showcases the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon.

Prime Location: Located in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, La Selva Eco-Lodge offers easy access to this biodiversity hotspot. Situated high above the Garzacocha Lagoon, guests can explore pristine nature and encounter a variety of aquatic species in a tranquil setting.

Spiritual and Wellness Retreat: Reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with our range of wellness and spiritual experiences. From yoga sessions to hollistic ceremonies, our well-equipped spa ensures guests feel renewed and revitalized.

Experience the magic of the rainforest at La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat, where indigenous cultures, exquisite cuisine, fascinating wildlife and wellness await. Your guests’ adventure begins here.

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