Nestled in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, our lodge offers a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul, providing guests with a transformative retreat experience unlike any other.

Our concept revolves around wellness and spirituality, offering a range of activities and ceremonies that promise to rejuvenate and reconnect you with yourself and the nature around you.


Spa Treatments & Yoga Sessions

After a day of exploration, help yourself to our spa treatments or yoga sessions to fully absorb the healing energy of the jungle. Our Spa Center, located amidst the rainforest, offers specialized treatments using local essential oils, providing deep relaxation and revitalization.

In our yoga sessions, held in inspiring spaces overlooking the lake or nestled in the forest, our expert teachers guide you through practices that restore vitality and foster a sense of connection and renewal.

Relax in the magical beauty of the amazon ecosystem, our Spa Center features curated treatments allowing our guests to be pampered and spoiled by highly-qualified massage therapists and be perfumed with local essences.

Experience pure relaxation at our newly renovated spa, where professional spa therapists pamper you. With more than 10 professional treatments to indulge yourself. Submerge yourself into our soothing whirlpool, rejuvenate in our state-of-the-art disconnection chamber, and choose from an array of premium treatments.

Our spa is a sanctuary designed for your well-being, promising tranquility and reconnection in every moment.

Through our wellness options: spa center and our Yoga Sessions, the lodge’s hospitality boots and adds great value and alternatives to enhance the personal experience of each one of our travellers based on their particular desires to enrich their stay with us for a comprehensive vacation retreat.

Enrich your well-being in our yoga haven with professional yoga masters.

Where, you can choose between the serene ambiance and energy of Garzacocha Lagoon or of our Yoga House, and have your tranquil and meaningful yoga session.

Combine the rejuvenating experience of yoga with our Cacao ceremonies at Mandi Cocha Lake, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit in a unique and holistic way.

Spiritual Ceremonies

The Cacao Essence & Signature Program

Our lodge offers not just leisure, but also spiritual experiences aimed at inner connection and personal transformation. Our Cacao Ceremonies, known as the Medicine of the Heart, celebrate life events and transitions, offering rituals that connect you with your intentions and prepare you for new beginnings.

For those seeking a deeper spiritual journey, our Signature Program, the Rewilding Retreat, combines rituals, mindfulness, somatics, emotional release, and Tantric Yoga practices, along with a Sacred Cacao Medicine ceremony. This program helps you reconnect with your true self, align with your inner wisdom, and flourish in life.

Join Us for a Retreat Unlike Any Other

Experience the tranquility and rejuvenation that awaits at our retreat. Whether you seek relaxation, reconnection, or personal transformation, our lodge offers a unique opportunity to unwind, reconnect, and regenerate your inner balance in the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest.

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