Romantic experiences in the Amazon Rainforest

Experience an extraordinary adventure where you can rekindle your love in a stunning jungle paradise. La Selva Ecolodge and Retreat, situated in the heart of the Amazon’s pristine jungle in Ecuador, provides the perfect setting for the ultimate romantic experience.

Whether you are planning a dream proposal, a romantic celebration, or a wellness retreat to reconnect with your significant other, La Selva offers a premium experience that creates memories that will last forever.


Why Choose La Selva for Your Special Occasions

Our lodge’s charm lies in its breathtaking surroundings. Wake up to the symphony of exotic bird songs, breathe in the fresh rainforest air, and embrace the beauty of nature.

Our remote location encompasses with serenity and closeness, allowing you to connect with your love and surroundings.

Tailor-made Romance: Services to spark your love story

La Selva offers a variety of romantic experiences designed to make your romantic adventure truly special:

  • Sunset Cruise for Two: Board a private boat ride on our serene lagoon as the sun sets over the horizon. Savor a bottle of sparkling wine and enjoy a delicious selection of delightful snacks admiring the breathtaking colors of the sunset in the sky.

  • Romantic dinner by the lagoon: Delight in a candlelit dinner for two on a private terrace overlooking the serene lagoon. Our chefs will prepare a flavorful meal with fresh ingredients, creating a truly exquisite dining experience.

  • Holistic Ceremonies for Love Celebration: Our Sacred Union Ceremony will allow you to take a significant journey together. This ceremony transforms life’s milestones into powerful light, love, and intention rituals. And our New Beginnings Ceremony reconnects you with your authentic self and revives each other’s passions.

  • Enhancing your experience: Our dedicated staff can help you further customize your romantic retreat. Imagine a floral draping service or a private couple’s massage at our spa. Let us know your requests and we’ll create a magical experience you won’t forget.

More than romance: A premium adventure awaits you

While romance takes center stage at La Selva, we also present a range of experiences to enrich your stay:

  • Retreat with style: Rest in our premium staterooms designed for comfort and tranquility. Each stateroom features breathtaking rainforest views and private balconies, perfect for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine together.

  • Adventure awaits: Explore the wonders of the Amazon rainforest with our guided expeditions. Hike exciting trails filled with exotic flora and fauna, or go on a thrilling wildlife-watching expedition in the lagoon.

  • Premium Sustainability: At La Selva, we are committed to responsible tourism practices. Enjoy the beauty of the rainforest knowing that your stay contributes to the conservation of the Rainforest

 Start planning your romantic adventure:

Ready to create beautiful memories to last with your loved one? Contact La Selva Ecolodge and Retreat today.  Our dedicated travel specialists will help you plan the perfect romantic getaway, whether it’s a heart-stopping marriage proposal or an adventure-filled getaway for two.

Contact us today for more information about your dream romantic retreat in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

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