We understand that being a responsible eco-lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon is more than simply providing employment to members of local villages. Together we intend to create a sustainable and ecological experience for our guests and make the Amazon Rainforest better for everyone.

With you every step of the way


La Selva works closely with local communities to improve their quality of life. Most of our employees are from our neighboring community, who receive compensation for the contribution of their ancestral knowledge. In the case of men; they guide our passengers and women introduce them to their customs.

With you every step of the way


To preserve the jungle and its inhabitants we make a monthly contribution to the Pilchi community in order for them to defend their territory from intruders. In return they respect our forest and lake in return by no longer hunting or fishing in this area, creating an even healthier ecosystem flourishing with wildlife. We believe that education is a tool for progress and success. In our efforts to improve the quality of life of the community, children are given scholarships to attend colleges. Local teachers and volunteers are also coordinated to teach English. We also support the Pilchi’s sustainable agriculture through the purchase of fruits and vegetables to be used in our lodge. To improve transportation, a new motorized canoe was donated to the local community to transport its members along the Napo River.

With you every step of the way


We invite you to be part of this program, where our passengers can voluntarily create a positive and significant impact on the children and adults of this community. When you travel to La Selva, you can register any donations of any kind through the program.

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supporting the community


As every year, La Selva gave school objects to the children of the nearby community of Pilchi.

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