Social Responsibility

foundations & businesses we support

Fundacion Bolivar Education

This is a volunteer foundation in Quito, Ecuador with six different programs; healthcare, education, animal welfare, senior citizens, community development, environment and agriculture, and human services focusing on women. Volunteers come from all over the world and are able to choose these programs in all four different regions of Ecuador, the Pacific Coast, Andes, Amazon, and some in the Galapagos Islands. In the past we have had volunteers offer their time at La Selva to learn more about tourism and hotel operations and even give teaching lessons to improve the English of our staff.

Jesus Divino Preso Foundation

This is an Ecuadorian non-profit foundation dedicated to providing education and job opportunities for adolescents and young adults ages 15 to 24 years of age who are vulnerable and living in at risk sectors in the city of Quito. With scarce resources it is hard for them to find a good education, positive community development or even their first job. Our contribution to this foundation is a 5% donation of our monthly sales.


This is an Ecuadorian small business that specializes in creating contemporary fashion with an Ecuadorian flair. La Selva supports this business and sells their creative shirts in our onsite boutique at the lodge. You’ll see that their designs instill a respect for all different cultural aspects of Ecuador with the ultimate desire to save and preserve the country’s history.

Quito Juvenile Association

This is an association that supports the education for over 3,000 lower class youth and young adults from 17 different vulnerable districts in the Pichincha Province of Ecuador. To name but a few of the districts, Atahualpa, Puellaro, Malchinguí, Minas, San José, and Otón. Despite being extremely motivated, many of these young adults do not have the necessary finances in order to finish their high school education or to begin their collegiate studies. The association provides many opportunities such as scholarships, training, job-shadowing and have led many young adults to their success by open doors for them to strong and ethical companies. In 2012 there were 30 high school and university scholarship recipients, the majority graduated and some even got their first job shortly after. Today there are over 90 active scholarship students. In order to support this great cause we donate a 5% total of our monthly sales and organize professional seminars for the students involved and La Selva employees.


Ecua-Hands is an artisan enterprise that began six years ago in the city of Quito. The company is family owned and was created by married couple Ruth Cruz and Ivan Zambrano with the purpose of projecting the image of Ecuador. Ecua-hand’s creations are entirely handmade and show off the best Ecuadorian talent, spreading cultural richness. The handicraft products reflect the ethnic diversity and different cultural expressions of the country. This is why La Selva Amazon Eco-lodge & Spa is a supporter of this small enterprise and purchases many of these same handicrafts to have aboard to give as souvenirs to children. It is very important to us at La Selva that small businesses striving to preserve Ecuadorian heritage are supported in their efforts.

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