La Selva’s Commitment to the Native Amazon Communities

We believe that only by working together can we save the Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest is our home. It does not belong to us, however: it has been home to the indigenous communities since long before the Spanish conquistadors first decided to come down from the highlands looking for the legendary city of El Dorado. The native communities of the Amazon are not just our friendly neighbors: they are our partners in the conservation and preservation of the home we all love so much.


with the local native communities

We understand that being a responsible eco-lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon is about more than just providing jobs for members of the local villages: La Selva needs the community, and the community needs the lodge. Together, we will create a sustainable, eco-friendly experience for our guests and make the Amazon rainforest better for everyone. Here are just a few of our positive interactions with the local native communities.


Financial help to acquire a new motorized canoe for the community to transport its members along the Napo River to and from the city of Coca.


Creating agreements to diminish the need for hunting, fishing, cutting trees and other destructive practices: instead, local people work directly or indirectly with the lodge.

monthly stipend

A monthly stipend is given to the Pilchi community to help them with their local schools and other community projects, including health care, transportation and sanitary facilities.

Find out about the Pack for a Purpose program.

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