Srinivas M

January 2nd 2024

1. In places such as the Amazon, the Naturalist Guide makes or breaks the visit – our guide. Omar Ramadan, made “the Amazon Jungle come alive”!!!! We have been fortunate to have traveled to many historic and natural sites/locations around the world and have had guides in most places – Omar has been the best – hands down! I would ask for Omar.

2. The hikes and parrot clay licks were very nice, but the village visit and observation tower were even nicer.

3. We are pure vegetarians – the food was excellent! Never imagined that such tasty dishes could be prepared with heart of palm and yuca.

4. The cottages are luxurious.

5. Boarded a flight to Coca from Quito at 9:15 a.m. and arrived at the lodge at 2 p.m. Takes a while, but worth it. Strongly recommend La Selva Lodge, especially our friend Omar.

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