Yoga at La Selva Amazon Ecolodge

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in nature through yoga

If you have already decided to visit La Selva in the Ecuadorian Amazon, then you probably already have a keen interest in nature. There is something almost instinctive about sailing into the wild beauty of forest; places where we can enjoy an adventure, feel more spiritual, and connect with loved ones in a dreamlike setting.

While simply contemplating timeless landscapes and exotic plants and animals will entice and enrapture you, why not enhance all the benefits that Nature bestows with yoga?

What Benefits does Being In Nature Bring?

Research carried out over the past decade has revealed that modern humanity’s separation from nature is depriving us of many benefits. Countless studies show that nature strengthens our ties to spirituality, improves our cognitive abilities, helps us de-stress in measurable ways, improves our mood, battles depression and anxiety, and is an important part of preventing diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

While sailing across the serpentine Amazon, listening to the songs of birds, and smelling the fresh green scents, it is also much easier to tune into our spiritual side. One fascinating study showed that people who are spiritual, are also happier; somehow, it seems that connecting with a force that runs through all living things, has positive effects for our psyche and our general wellbeing.

How can Yoga Make Us More Appreciative of Nature?

Yoga has various aims: it teaches us specific asanas (or poses), pranayamic (controlled) breathing techniques and, often, meditation. Its powerful ability to lower stress hormone levels, say scientists, lies in its ability to instil a mindful state in practitioners. Stress and anxiety ensue when we allow worry, fear, and anger to absorb our inner equilibrium. In mindfulness, just the opposite takes place; while we recognize these negative thoughts and emotions, we keep a safe enough distance from them so that they do not lead us into an anxious or sad state. Because yoga encourages us to really ‘be’ in the present moment, it enhances our sensitivity to the sights and sounds of a beautiful natural setting. It lowers our heart rate and breathing rate, increases our mood and lifts our energy levels, enabling us to make the most of your Ecuadorian Amazon adventure.


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